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Project Coordinator for Successful School Paths, Consultant

Apply now Job no: 526125
Work type: Consultancy
Location: Brazil
Categories: Education, Consultancy

Background & Rationale

The lack of an engaging curriculum proposal that contemplates social dynamics, use of technologies, different spaces and equipments, the community and the territory and the personal interests of the students is one of the main factors that leads to abandonment and to school delay in Brazil. There are about 2.8 million out-of-school children and adolescents in Brazil (IBGE. National Household Sample Survey, 2015) and more than 6.5 million in school delay (INEP. School Census, 2018). This means that of every 100 brazilian students enrolled in state and municipal public schools, 22 are in age-grade distortion.

Exclusion and delay, which proportionally affect a small number of children in Elementary School, explode in Lower Secondary School and increase further upon arrival in Upper Secondary School. The distortion rate in the lower secondarys is close to 28% and in upper secondarys is over 31%. The most affected are blacks, indians and the poor. Blacks and browns constitute over 56% of students in distortion. Among indigenous people, more than 41% are in age-grade distortion. And 53% of all overdue children and adolescents come from families with a per capita income of up to half a minimum wage.

UNICEF in Brazil has as one of the priorities of its Country Program for 2017-2021, the confrontation of this culture of school failure in Brazil. To this end, the Education area has developed the Successful School Paths strategy that aims to support municipalities and states in the definition, implementation and evaluation of policies and actions to combat age-grade distortion. It involves four steps:

DIAGNOSIS: identification of data on school delay; of the legislation; school resources; community equipment, actions and resources;

PLANNING: elaboration of an action plan and a participatory pedagogical proposal, flexible and adapted to students in age-grade distortion;

ENGAGEMENT: engagement of schools, partners, students, families and the school community.

DEVELOPMENT: implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the proposal. The methodology encourages and guides networks and schools to construct specific curricula, with a terminal character and involving the participation of teachers and students in their elaboration.

The consultants object of this TOR will work to support the implementation of the Successful School Paths through the training of teachers and technical teams of the Education departments of states and municipalities that choose to adhere to the strategy.


This Term of Reference (TOR) aims to hire 2 (two) consultants to provide coordination services for the implementation of the Successful School Paths strategy in states and municipalities to be defined.

Expected results: (measurable results)

SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound


Result 1: Coordination of four consultants specialized in the different areas of ​​knowledge of the Base Nacional Comum Curricular (BNCC) for the implementation of the Successful School Paths strategy in states and municipalities focusing on lower secondary school.

  1. Coordinate the process of training/accompaniment of teachers of the Lower Secondary School involved in the implementation of the Successful School Paths strategy.
  2. Guide the formation/follow-up team made up of four consultants from the BNCC's knowledge areas, in the contents of the Successful School Paths strategy books, in order to support the construction of specific pedagogical proposals for students with age-grade distortion.
  3. Plan together with the training/follow-up team at least six on-site formative actions for the implementation of the Successful School Paths strategy.

Result 2: Participate in face-to-face meetings and distance monitoring for the training of teachers of the final years for the implementation of the Successful School Paths strategy in states and municipalities and support the formative demands presented by the departments of Education of those states and municipalities.

  1.  Attend at least six UNICEF on-site training planning meetings.
  2. Attend at least six planning meetings with UNICEF’s partners, who will also be involved in the formation/follow-up of the Successful School Paths strategy.
  3. Attend at least six face-to-face training sessions and provide weekly distance support based on the demands of the states and municipalities that adhere to the strategy.

Result 3: Coordinate the planning and production of materials and reports to support and evaluate the implementation of the Successful School Paths strategy in states and municipalities.

  1. Coordinate the production of at least ten original materials and indicate other training materials complementary to the Successful School Paths books.
  2. Evaluate the implementation of the Successful School Paths strategy and produce monthly technical reports on the implementation.


Duty Station - Remote with travel availability.  

Duration: 8 months



The services included in the contract will be delivered continuously, with the same intensity throughout the months. The results will be evaluated by the following deliverables:




Six in-person formative trainings for the implementation of the Successful School Paths strategy.


Attend to six UNICEF on-site training planning meetings. 


Ten original materials related to the Successful School Paths strategy produced. 


Monthly reports delivered to the Education Area about the progress on the implementation of Successful School Paths strategy. 


Weekly distance learning support provided based on the demands of the states and municipalities on the implementation of Successful School Paths strategy.


Attend at least six planning meetings with UNICEF’s partners.




1st Deadline: 30/10/2019  Amount: R$ 4.000

2nd Deadline: 31/11/2019 Amount: R$ 4.000

3rd Deadline: 30/12/2019 Amount: R$ 4.000

4th Deadline: 31/01/2019 Amount: R$ 4.000

5th Deadline: 28/02/2020 Amount: R$ 4.000

6th Deadline: 31/03/2020 Amount: R$ 4.000

7th Deadline: 30/04/2020 Amount: R$ 4.000

8th Deadline: 31/05/2020 Amount: R$ 4.000


Performance indicators

  • Punctuality in meeting deadlines
  • Quality of the contents
  • Timely provision of the deliverables,
  • Satisfactory quality level of reports and actions (quality of inputs, analysis, register of activities, recommendations, etc).


Immediately upon signature of the agreement, the UNICEF supervisor and the selected consultant will meet for detailed discussion of the Work Plan and the quality criteria for product delivery. Regular meetings will also be scheduled at a distance or in person to follow up the activities defined in the Work Plan.

The monthly reports shall be subject to review and approval by UNICEF after delivery by the Consultant. If needed, revisions and alterations may be requested by UNICEF related to quality and technical depth parameters. Only after final clearance from the UNICEF Brazil, will the payment be processed.

Key competences, technical background, and experience required

  • Doctorate degree, preferably in the area of ​​Education. Proof will be provided by presentation of diploma of an institution accredited by the Ministry of Education.
  • Experience in project management and teacher training to be gauged by presenting, in digital format, records (results reports, images, videos, planning documents) of projects and trainings executed.
  • Experience in the production of training materials to be gauged by presenting at least two examples, in digital version, of materials produced.
  • Experience in developing actions related age-grade distortion to be measured by the presentation of at least one document, in digital version, that proves the participation in a project, program or activity for this purpose.


General Conditions: Procedures and Logistics

  • Consultant will work from home using own equipment and stationary.
  • UNICEF will provide office space for consultative meetings when possible.
  • Expenses related to travels will be covered by UNICEF and paid to the Consultant as per UNICEF travel rules and regulations.
  • No contract may commence unless the contract is signed by both UNICEF and the consultant
  • Consultants will not have supervisory responsibilities or authority on UNICEF budget.


Financial Proposal

  • A financial proposal including fee for the assignment based on the deliverables and number of days must be submitted.
  • Payment of professional fees will be based on submission of agreed deliverables. UNICEF reserves the right to withhold payment in case the deliverables submitted are not up to the required standard or in case of delays by the consultant
  • Final rate shall follow the “best value for money” principle, i.e., achieving the desired outcome at the lowest possible fee. Consultants will be asked to stipulate all-inclusive fees, including lump sum travel and subsistence costs, as applicable.

Advertised: E. South America Standard Time
Applications close: E. South America Standard Time

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